How to create a Shared Mailbox in Exchange Online | Using PowerShell & EAC

Hi Everyone,

In today’s video, I will show how to create a shared mailbox in Exchange Online. You can create a Shared Mailbox in two ways, from the Exchange Online Admin Center (EAC) or through PowerShell, and I will go over them.

PowerShell Command Syntaxes:

To give FullAccess Permission:

Add-MailboxPermission “Shared Mailbox” -User “Mail Recipient” -AccessRights FullAccess -InheritanceType all

To check if worked: Get-MailboxPermission “SharedMailbox Name” | where {$_.AccessRights -like ‘Full*’} | Format-Table User,Deny,IsInherited,AccessRights -Auto

To give SendAs Permission:

Add-RecipientPermission -Identity “MailboxOrGroupIdentity” -Trustee “DelegateIdentity” -AccessRights SendAs

To check if it worked: Get-RecipientPermission -Identity admin -Trustee “UserName”

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