How to create email rule using PowerShell


Hi Everyone, In this video, I will show how to create email rules using PowerShell. As you know, you can create rules from outlook, but you can also use PowerShell to create rules. Imagine there is a shared mailbox, and you need to create a rule where specific emials need to move to a particular folder. It is easier to use PowerShell, and I will show you how. If you create an email rule in Outlook, you need to specify different conditions, for example, if the email comes from a specific sender or has specific words in the subject. And it is the same in Powershell, and because of that, I included a link to Microsoft documentation where you can see the list of syntaxes.

To create the rule, we need a few pieces of information: 1) we need to name the rule 2)mailbox name ( it can be either a SharedMailbox or Licensed mailbox) 3)From ( the sender information)

Link to Microsoft Documentation:

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